Linking up with GoDaddy


So we have been using GoDaddy for both hosting and Domain Name Services since before 2012 and am glad to say that in that period that we have not had one outage that has impacted on us as a company.  We have moved from one of the standard shared hosting offerings to one of their Virtual Private Servers that we have been using to run the various projects that we have got going on.


When you speak with some techies about GoDaddy they seem to have a Marmite like relationship in that they either love them or hate them.  I know these are strong words but is just an indication as to the feeling.  Now as far as I am concerned I sufficiently happy with the brand that if have a customer who wants domain or hosting services then I will point them in the direction of GoDaddy as I know that they will have heard of them as a brand and for new customers they tend to offer loads of deals in the form of £1 domain names and cheap WordPress hosting which definitely seems to be prevalent with people these days.

One of the things that I would recommend to anyone purchasing hosting at the moment with all the changes in how the likes of Google are looking at domains at the moment is to pick one where SSL certificates are included as standard.  What this means to the end user is that when people access the domains with certificates installed there will be the padlock in the browser which will give at least a little bit of assurance over whether the domain you are accessing is secure.

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